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New Mexico Big Game Tag Application

New Mexico Big Game Tag Application

How Do I Apply For The New Mexico Big Game Draw?

At Ridgeline Outfitters we offer a Tag Application Service for New Mexico Elk, Mule Deer & Antelope.

Known worldwide to hold some of the biggest Elk & Mule Deer  in the world, New Mexico is filled with trophy bulls & Mule Deer. With this reputation, public land elk tags can be very difficult to obtain for non-resident hunters. As an outfitter in New Mexico, Ridgeline Outfitters can dramatically increase the odds of drawing a public land tag. The draw takes place in mid March and 10% of the tags are thrown into an Outfitters Pool - only an outfitter can enter you in the outfitter pool lottery. Ridgeline Outfitters will handle all the details and get you entered in the outfitters pool draw, giving you a good chance at getting a public land tag.

Ridgeline Outfitters will provide all the needed applications and handle the entire application process for you. Your application will be filed for an annual fee of $100, until your permit is drawn or you voluntarily withdraw from this service. Ridgeline Outfitters will also purchase and obtain landowner tags for all species for the hunter. When the hunter arrives in camp all the licenses are taken care of and in the hunters name, all you will have to worry about is hunting.

The New Mexico Big Game Draw Deadline is March 18th, 2020 5:00PM (Mountain Time).

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New Mexico Hunt Draw System

New Mexico's draw hunt system was designed to insure fairness and consistency in the draw. Tags & licenses are awarded by random computer drawing.

  • Residents receive 84% of available licenses in the New Mexico lottery draw
  • Non-residents receive 16% of available licenses per hunt code.
  • Non-residents who choose to use New Mexico outfitters will receive up to 10% of available licenses
  • Non-residents who apply without a New Mexico outfitter or on their own will receive up to 6% of available licenses.

It may be a good idea to back up your hunt plans with a private landowner tag in case you do not get drawn.  Contact us to apply for the draw or for more details about Guaranteed New Mexico Landowner Tags.

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New Mexico Big Game Tags

New Mexico Big Game Tag Prices 

  • Animal
  • Type
  • Price
  • Deer
  • Standard
  • $290
  • Deer
  • Quaility
  • $375
  • Elk
  • Standard
  • $555
  • Elk
  • Quaility
  • $780
  • New Mexico Land Owner Tags Available Upon request.
  • New Mexico Hunting License fee is $65
  • Habitat stamps must be purchased to hunt public and private land for $10.00.