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Oryx Hunts in New Mexico

Oryx Hunts in New Mexico

Oryx Hunts in New Mexico

New Mexico Oryx Outfitter

The White Sands Missile Range hunts are once in a lifetime unless a hunter applies for a broken horn Oryx hunt on range. Otherwise trophy hunts for the general public are once in a lifetime. There are numerous hunts throughout the year for Oryx both on and off range. Typically an average bull horn length will be at around 34 to 37 with a few bulls that can go 40 or touch bigger. Sportsman can experience the thrill of hunting Oryx in North America versus going all the way to Africa. Whenever a hunter draws a tag for Oryx it is an either sex tag, most of the time the cows will have longer horns than the bulls. Rifle hunting is the preferred method of harvesting an Oryx.

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White Sands Oryx Hunts

Oryx on White Sand Missile Range

The Oryx Hunts

There are several areas within Whites Sands Missile Range that we hunt Rhodes Canyon, Stallion Range and Small Missile Range. All of these areas can produce trophy class New Mexico Oryx.On range hunts are conducted by NMDGF in conviction with the US Military. There are a phenomenal number of Oryx on range, the only thing is knowing the animals habits and being able to field judge these magnificent animals.

Off The Range

Although we have experienced less numbers of oryx off range we still have 100% shot opportunity on our off range and on range hunts. All of the off range oryx hunts we offer will typically be on state or BLM lands. There is no other place in the world you can hunt oryx on public land, this is truly fair chase hunting at its finest. The off range Oryx big game hunting that we do is a bit more challenging because of the number of Oryx that wander off range.