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New Mexico Barbary Sheep Hunting

New Mexico Barbary Sheep Hunting

Our New Mexico Barbary Sheep hunts take place on private ranches and public land. We specialize in barbary sheep units 29, 30, 32, 37.

NM Barbary Sheep Hunts Private Ranch

Private Ranch Barbary Sheep Hunts

Our private ranches are some of the best in the state of New Mexico with large continuous pieces of deeded land so there is no public land checkerboard issues to deal with. We average 25-27 inch rams and we will take 30” rams every year out of our New Mexico ranches. We offer three day hunts on our private ranches, one of our unit 32 ranches we can offer fully outfitted hunts where we stay right on the ranch. The other two ranches are semi guided hunts where the hunter is responsible for their own meals and lodging. Hunters will typically book a room in Roswell or Ruidoso depending on what ranch they hunt. You will have a sheep savvy guide assigned to you either hunt you book (fully outfitted  or semi guided) the entire hunt. There are great sheep numbers on these properties so to keep the population in check we can pair up a ram hunter with a ewe hunter for an additional fee.

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New Mexico Public Land Barbary Sheep Hunts

Public Land Barbary Sheep Hunts

Our public land barbary sheep hunts take place in New Mexico draw units as well as some over the counter areas. The draw percentage for the public land units is very good, these hunts will carry some high quality barbary sheep. We have a handful of private land Barbary tags that we book every year, these tags are over the counter.

Public land hunts are in units 29, 30, 32, 34, 37 and are all five day semi-guided where the hunter provides their own meals and lodging. Like always we will provide a very experienced sheep guide 100% of the hunt and use of guides truck, UTV and whatever equipment that is needed for the hunt. Public land hunting can be very tough if you don’t have the right guide, all our guides are local and have been hunting the public land areas for many years and know where to find the sheep.

Barbary Sheep Prices

Hunting Barbary Sheep

Hunting Barbary Sheep

All of these hunts public or private ranch Barbary Sheep hunts can be physical, remember these are sheep and can live in steep and rocky country and are constantly on the move. Glassing is the most important and effective way to spot sheep, so hunters need to be prepared to spend a lot of time behind the glass looking at potentially long distances to find these elusive sheep. If you are seeking a challenging hunt this is it, many hunters that have never hunted these animals  walk away from a sheep hunt with a whole new outlook and respect for these animals.

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