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New Mexico Antelope Hunting

New Mexico Antelope Hunting

New Mexico Antelope Hunt

New Mexico's Best Trophy Antelope Hunts

We offer rifle, archery, and muzzleloader hunts in New Mexico. We have several private ranches set up to hunt antelope and there is an abundance of antelope on these properties. Some of our hunting sportsmen have said it was like hunting on a preserve for antelope.

Bow and Arrow hunts generally start around mid-August and the rifle hunts follow on the 3rd weekend of August. No matter what style of hunt you choose, it is sure to be a great experience for any sportsman. Like other hunting outfitters, Ridgeline Outfitters also conducts hunts on public land. These are typically a draw type of hunt. We can apply for any sportsman for these draw hunts. Contact us for more information on our guided public land hunts.

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Pronghorn hunter with pronghorn

Huge Pronghorn Antelope

Our buck antelope average about 15 inches with many approaching or exceeding Boone & Crockett size. These private ranches in New Mexico are located in the Northeastern part of the state. Many antelope hunting enthusiasts know that this part of New Mexico is the most populated with Pronghorn Antelope. We are proud to provide our hunters with some of the best opportunity to harvest a trophy Pronghorn antelope.

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Archery Antelope Hunts

New Mexico Archery Antelope Hunts

Archery antelope takes place on the same private ranches we conduct our rifle hunts on. Archery antelope hunting can pose a very difficult hunt for most archers but our unit 37 ranch is better than most areas for spot and stalk because there are draws to conceal yourself and a lot of areas patches of Cholla cactus to sneak behind. An abundance of water is key on this ranch, we believe if a hunter is patient enough they should have opportunities sitting over water. Buck quality is excellent on all our antelope ranches with a vast amount of country to hunt.

Method of hunting will of course be spot and stalk and sitting water sources. Shot distance to expect are 20-80 yards if hunters are experienced at shooting longer distances. Of course the more a hunter is experienced in longer shooting that will up their odds to be successful.

Rifle Antelope Hunt

New Mexico Rifle Antelope Hunts

What are the best units to hunt rifle antelope in New Mexico?

There are many good units to hunt antelope in New Mexico be we focus on unit 37 and unit 46 due to the quality of bucks and hunting terrain.

Hunting unit 37 for rifle antelope

There are three gun antelope hunts that take place on private land in unit 37 north of the town of Capitan. Antelope buck quality is excellent in this area and we have over 200 sections of land to hunt. First hunt is at end of August, second at end of September and a third hunt end of the first week in October.

Hunting unit 46 for rifle antelope

The majority of the state will have the same dates to hunt. We have one ranch that’s the exception located in unit 46 Mora County. We can hunt any three consecutive days from August 26 to December 31. This allows hunting during peak rut times and more flexibility with booking dates. Method of hunting is spot and stalk with some opportunities to sit over water. 

2024 New Mexico Rifle Antelope Hunting Season

Dates for the 2024 season are August 24-26, September 28-30, Oct 5-7. These dates will vary a little from year to year. All rifle antelope hunts are three day hunts and are over the counter on the private ranches.

Average shot distance for rifle antelope hunts is 200-400 yards and we will take many bucks in the high 70’s and will harvest Boone and Crockett every year on both areas. Hunting is typically guide only where hunters will provide their room in board in nearby town or they may choose to set camp.

Ridgeline Outfitters offers trophy antelope hunts and other quality big game hunting in New Mexico.

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