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Trophy New Mexico Elk Hunting

Trophy New Mexico Elk Hunting

The NM Elk Hunt

The NM Elk Hunt

We use a variety of techniques to pursue trophy elk in New Mexico. Whether you are hunting the vast wilderness of the Gila or on one of our private ranches, our seasoned guides will use spot & stalk, ambush, and other methods to give you an opportunity to harvest a trophy bull. Trophy elk average about 325 with potential opportunities at bigger 350 class bulls. All Inclusive packages include guides, meals, and accommodations. Fully guided, 1 on 1, 2 on 1, or unguided hunts packages are available.

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New Mexico Elk Hunter

Purchasing Public Land New Mexico Elk Tag

New Mexico is well known worldwide to hold the biggest trophy bulls in the nation. Due to this reputation, public land elk hunting tags can be very difficult to obtain for non-resident hunters. As an outfitter in New Mexico, Ridgeline Outfitters can dramatically increase your odds of drawing a public land tag. The draw takes place in mid-March and 16% of the tags available go to non-resident hunters. 10% of these tags are thrown into an Outfitters Pool - only an outfitter can enter you in the outfitter pool lottery. Ridgeline Outfitters will handle all the details and get you entered in the outfitter's pool draw, giving you a good chance at getting a public land tag.

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Cow Elk Hunts New Mexico

Cow Elk Hunts New Mexico

If you are looking for a relaxed hunting experience in beautiful New Mexico, a cow elk hunt may be for you. Enjoy some time in the outdoors get some tasty elk meat to fill the freezer. This is an affordable hunt great for families of hunters not concerned about trophy hunting.

New Mexico Elk Hunting Packages

3 Day Hunts - $3,250

Hunts include:

  • 3 days 2 x 1 guided hunt
  • Hearty meals
  • 4 nights accommodations
  • Care of game - this does not include meat processing.

Not Included: Tax, License and Gratuities.

Cow Elk Hunting Season New Mexico

We hunt cow elk late season. Hunts can run any 3 consecutive days in November, December or January.

Private New Mexico Elk Hunts

Private Elk Ranch Unit 34

The majority of our private land elk hunting takes place in unit 46 outside the community of Ocate, NM. This beautiful part of Northeast New Mexico is where the Rocky Mountains transition into the plains. Hunting terrain is mild compared to many of the other areas of the state. Our ranches have excellent numbers of elk throughout the year which allows our clients great success early season as well as late season. Our bow hunts start September 1-24 pick any five days to hunt within that time period. The action is nearly non-stop rutting once the bulls kick into the rut, being further north the rut kicks In usually around the end of the first week of September and will go to the end of October. The reason for a longer rut up into this area is we have such a large amount of cow elk that there are usually a few cows here and there that haven’t been bred so the bulls hang around longer. The rifle bull and cow hunts start October 1st and end December 31st pick any five days. All tags bow or rifle are either sex on private land. Two of our ranches are enrolled in a special January cow elk program that allows us to hunt the entire month of January. We offer 3 day fully outfitted cow hunts on these ranches. This is an excellent way to fill your freezer with the best meat around, not to mention an affordable option to go elk hunting with great success. We do have other ranches we hunt throughout the state as well with very high success rates.

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Elk Hunting New Mexico

Public Land Elk Hunt

Our public land hunts for New Mexico bull elk take place in New Mexico elk units: 12, 13, 15, 17, 16A, 16D, 16E, and unit 34. Ridgeline Outfitters can apply any New Mexico elk hunters on the public draw and put you in a separate drawing pool. This drawing pool will allow the hunter to increase their odds of drawing one of these premier elk hunting units.

Our public land rifle or muzzleloader hunts usually start at the middle of October. These hunts are some of the best public land New Mexico hunting available. Ridgeline Outfitters hunts the famed Gila National Forest in Southwest New Mexico, The Lincoln National Forest in South Central New Mexico and The Cibola National Forest in Western New Mexico for trophy elk.   Success is very high for trophy bull elk in this area. Ridgeline Outfitters has guaranteed landowner tags in New Mexico for public lands. We have available rifle, muzzleloader and archery.

Elk Hunting Packages

Trophy New Mexico Elk

Elk Hunting Details

Rifle Elk Hunts in New Mexico

Our private land and public land rifle elk hunts offer opportunities at 300+ trophy bulls with 350+ bulls a possibility. Hunters should be comfortable at shots from 200 to 400 yards. The hunting consists of spot and stalk or ambush hunting from blinds. Our seasoned guides know every inch of the terrain and will do everything possible to make your hunt a success.

Muzzle Loader Hunts

As technology has improved over the past few years, muzzleloader hunting has become more and more popular. Our muzzleloader hunts for elk offer hunters a slightly more challenging hunt and the opportunity at a New Mexico trophy bull. Muzzleloader hunts can also be an option for hunters if rifle hunts are booked up for the season.

New Mexico Archery Elk Hunts

For hunters looking for a real challenge, an archery elk hunt is a great option. Hunting with a bow offers the exhilaration of close contact with big bulls and little margin for error. To succeed at taking a trophy bull with a bow, a quality guide is critical. Our archery elk hunting guides have years of experience guiding archery hunters to success. Shots range from 20 - 40 yards with opportunities at up to 60 yards.

We also offer guide-only packages where the hunter provides their own meals and lodging but we will have a guide assigned to you 100% of the time you are hunting.

Whatever your budget may be, we’ve got you covered.

Rifle Elk Hunts

New Mexico Rifle Elk Hunts

New Mexico Rifle Elk Hunting Season

Rifle hunts start October 1st and run all to the end of January. Hunts can choose any five consecutive days depending on availability, and hunt within that timeframe. 

Our rifle elk hunts take place on private ranches here in the Land of Enchantment and the early rifle hunts are a perfect time to harvest a big bull. There are very few places you will find to hunt bull elk in January. This is a great late-season hunt as the bulls will winter on the ranch as well. The terrain is cedar-juniper canyon country with a lot of glassing opportunities to spot game. Elevation will average 6800’ on ranches.
We can pair up mule deer with elk for a combo hunt in late October and mid-November. Our ranch hunts are fully outfitted staying in cozy houses or cabins and home-cooked meals in nearby Timberon, NM. 

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Late Season Elk Hunts in New Mexico

Late-season elk hunts in New Mexico offer great opportunities for a trophy bull at an affordable price. Many hunters insist on a rut hunt for elk in New Mexico but the late season can be a great time to pattern trophy bulls. Late season hunts in NM start in December and run throughout the month. In a typical year, December brings snows to the high country, which pushes the big bulls down, giving hunters an opportunity at a trophy elk. 

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