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What is the climate like in New Mexico?

  • Elevation varies from 6500-8500 feet depending on where you will be hunting. Private ranch hunts will be cedar or juniper country, and public land hunts will be ponderosa pine to Aspen type country.

Do I need to get my own NM hunting license, tags, for mule deer, elk, etc.?

  • No, we will have all your necessary license stamps, etc. waiting for you in camp.

Is hunter orange required in New Mexico?

  • No, it is not required in Arizona and New Mexico. Although, there are some public land rifle hunts where we recommend wearing it.

Are your private ranch hunts high fence?

  • NO, none of our hunts are in high fence areas. Fair chase is the only way we would conduct our hunts.

What is the average shot distance on elk, mule deer, or antelope hunts?

  • Rifle shots will average about 250-300 yards. Muzzleloader shots will average 100-200 and the archery will average 40 yards.

What are your camps or lodges like?

  • Our camps will be in either houses or cabins. Camps will have a cook with home-cooked meals three meals a day.

Can the guides and cooks be tipped?

  • Yes. Our staff works very hard to make your hunt enjoyable and successful. Most tips are 10% of guide fees that hunters paid. Remember tips are always earned and always appreciated.

Is transportation provided to the hunting camp?

  • Not usually hunters that fly in will rent a vehicle at the airport. We will provide you with directions to the camp you will be hunting out of. We can provide transportation to hunters that require it for a fee.

What airport in New Mexico do I fly into?