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Cow Elk Hunts in New Mexico

New Mexico offers some of the top trophy elk hunts in New Mexico but a Cow Elk hunt can be a great alternative if you are looking for something more affordable. Cow Elk hunts are an excellent opportunity for beginner/intermediate hunters to get experience hunting elk animals without the price or pressure of going for a New Mexico trophy bull.
A Cow Elk hunt is also a great way to stock the freezer with tasty, free-range meat, providing 200-300 pounds of meat for the average elk. That feeds most families for almost an entire year.

How to Plan an Affordable Elk Hunt in New Mexico

Our cow elk hunts are a much more affordable than trophy elk hunts and are a great way to experience New Mexico elk hunting. These hunts are a great option for hunters looking to get out and have an incredible hunting experience without breaking the bank. Cow elk hunts are also vital for the health of the elk herd by keeping the cow-to-bull ratio at a normal level. The hunts have very high success rates, with hunters getting a shot opportunity close to 100% of the hunts. 

Cow Elk Hunting Dates

New Mexico Cow Elk Hunting Season

Our cow elk hunts are open during November, December, and January. There may be limited availability, so make sure to call and check!
Contact us for questions concerning prices.

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