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New Mexico Coues Deer Hunting

New Mexico Coues Deer Hunting

Ridgeline Outfitters offers some of the best New Mexico big game hunting available. Our trophy mule deer and coues deer hunts are no exception. Hunts take place on public and private land for cous deer in New Mexico.

Hunting the Grey Ghost

Ridgeline Outfitters hunts in many different units throughout New Mexico for coues whitetail. Often called the Gray Ghost these pint sized deer are the most challenging deer that Arizona and New Mexico has to offer. Camouflage and keen senses of these deer make them a true trophy. Many hours are spent hiking and glassing for these ghost of the desert, this is typically a physically challenging hunt because of the terrain these deer live in. We typically will put the hunters on deer that score anywhere from 90″-110″ and for coues deer standards is pretty good.